The Project

This is a Documentary Photography project. The tool for this is a Leica M2, no metering, BW400CN film, scanned to disc.

At present there is no time line. Subject material will evolve.

This is a slow, more deliberate approach to making an image. Only 36 frames at a time

No particular subject focus at present.  There is time for that.  A potential list will evolve.

By concentrating on things of personal interest to me, a body of work should grow.

The first image will be shown when I complete roll #1.


I am a professional photographer looking to challenge myself.  I have been shooting digital for 10 years.  Perhaps a slower more deliberate approach will be good for my work.


8 thoughts on “The Project

  1. Very cool idea. I’m teaching a special projects class this fall and would like to use this project as an example if that’s alright.

  2. Paul,

    This is great. I think you really are a man after my own heart. After the newspaper (The Dispatch of Moline, IL) I worked for went digital in January, 2002, I rarely shot film for the next 6 years. I slowly found myself unsatisfied with “my own work” Mostly, because I didn’t have any. I put in my 40 for the paper and then hung out with friends and played guitar in a band. Now that I’m on my own, I’ve been searching for my way. I spend a lot of time on “my own work” now. Perhaps I spend too much, and not enough on getting my business? Anyhow, I bought a 1955 Rolleiflex. I did this to slow myself down, really think about my images and get the creative juices going again. I’m so happy I did this. Film and development are not cheap, but that just adds to me really thinking about the shots. It’s kind of photo-therapy. When I work with the Rollei, I feel as close as possible to how I felt when I was first in photo school. I wish I could work this way all of the time.

  3. Paul

    Great … reminds me of the “concept” that Jim Brandenberg (spelling/correct name?) did for NGS/magazine several years ago with his 35mm camera/slides … one photo per consecutive day/s … either 24 or 36 exposures. If you’ve never seen that body of work, suggest ‘we’ discover that “archieve” and both learn from it!

    Will talk to you again … soon!


    • Yes, I do remember that. He produced some wonderful images with that project. I bet it was just a way too keep from going nuts up the great north woods and it turned into a great piece.

  4. I actually have had that book (“Chasing the Light”) for around 10 years. I haven’t looked at it forever, but maybe I drew some influence from it. Those images are amazing. I used to want to be Marty Stouffer (Wild America) and then fell in love with wildlife photography. Now, while I completely respect some of the greats like Mike Nick Nichols, I rarely find myself trying to shoot wildlife, mostly people or places affected by people.

  5. Really enjoyable to pour through Paul. In addition to the opening hawk image, another that really stands out to me is “Festive storm brewing”… I wish I had sunglasses that made everything look like a B&W Leica does… Rayban could put them out. “The Cartier-Bresson’s” I think would be an appropriate name…

    • John, you are too kind. It’s all in the camera and yes Rayban HCB’s would be a hot seller. But you know, looking through an M2 viewfinder is hard to beat. I guess I should take the dive and switch to the M9 for my grownup work. Naaaa…. I would love it if I got hired to shoot with the M2.

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