Armuchee Bluegrass Festival

110097-R1-19-19The Armuchee Bluegrass Festival has thrived for more than 20 years.  It’s about as down home as you can get.  A covered dish dinner on Thursday,  bring as side and your welcome.  Lot’s of jamming.

110097-R1-14-14These guys cobbled together a group a week before the festival.  They got the audience on their feet.

110097-R1-15-15Timothy, far right, a 15 year-old classically trained violin player, has been learning to play fiddle with this bluegrass group.  At the end of the set the crowd went wild!  I suspect this is the first time an African-American has stepped foot on the Armuchee Saddle Club property.  What a moment.

110097-R1-13-13The crowd went wild.  Timothy just blew their socks off.  Everybody got off of the church pews.

110097-R1-12-12Kelly, guitar player with the group, wanted his picture taken with this Martin guitar.  It’s old, old.  The patina, the sound and the age are what drew him to this instrument.  He thinks it was built in the 30’s or 40’s.  Just to have your picture made with this axe.

110097-R1-10-10Don’t believe everything you read.  Just don’t hit the road after jamming unless you can blow 0.0

110097-R1-18-18Start them early and they’ll learn to love Bluegrass

110097-R1-09-9Some of the bands are big enough to have a bus.  It ain’t rock n’ roll but they like it.

*This is a festival I have attended for the past four years and chances are you will see more about this place in the future.  Labor Day is the next time these folks gather.  Perhaps you will have a chance to see some more.

4 thoughts on “Armuchee Bluegrass Festival

  1. The photos are very nice!! Love the B&W!! I have been going to this festival off an on for over 30 years. I am actually the big guy in the 4th picture and my son is the little boy in the 7th one. That was a great weekend!! Thank you for posting the wonderful and pure nature of this music and the people in it!!

    • Thanks Hal, I started playing mandolin a few years ago and started going to the memorial day and labor day festival. Mando was in the car but I just could not resist taking some pictures. That festival is about as basic as it gets. That’s what makes it so great. See you Labor Day Weekend!

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