Town Hall Meeting: Rome, GA


The health care town hall debate came to Rome, GA.  earlier this month.  While I find myself caught in the middle;  I believe that if both sides will take some time to consider how we can make our health care delivery system more efficient and inclusive without sacrificing the high level of care that is the hallmark of American medical service, we can all benefit.

FH000015Congressman Phil Gingery, an ob-gyn , is our representative.  He has taken a partisan role in this debate.  One of his aides,  Constituent Services Representative, Linda Liles, above, is a faithful staff member of Dr. Gingery’s staff.  She works the crowd, for all of the health care town hall meetings in the 11th Georgia District.

FH000017Gingery does not support President Obama’s solution for health care reform.  His staff distributes brochures at the town hall meetings intended to discredit the President’s proposals.   Northwest Georgia strongly supports Dr. Gingery’s position.  The congressman was warmly welcomed.

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