It’s not all about the Fishin’-Apalachicola, Fl.

This was my tenth consecutive year fishing Apalachicola Bay in the fall.  Cold beer and fresh oysters have always been a crucial part of the journey.


Darrell our fishing guide, was a very unhappy camper.  My fishing partner had just landed and released a 38- in. Bull Redfish.  As we left for a new spot the engine sputtered and stopped.  Darrell’s new motor quit running.  On Apalachicola Bay the only thing more embarrassing is not catching fish.


The marshes and wetlands are key components to Apalachicola Bay’s rich aquatic bounty.  The St. Vincent Island Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center in Apalachicola has an interpretive walking trail that ends with a view of the marshland and a telescope to help pick out details of the landscape, including a Bald Eagle nest.


The icehouse at the Bay City Lodge.  The property is an assortment of houses, duplexes and apartments.  Meals in the dining room may include some of that day’s catch.


Speckeled-trout or Specks as they’re called in Apalachicola, are always a prized catch.  Redfish, flounder, sheephead and an ocassional triple-tale are the core species of interest to fishermen.

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